Inner Flow Holistic Services

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With humble gratitude I welcome you to my teeny tiny corner of the world wide web!

I have been following the path of exploration and spirituality for a really long time, I'd love to give you a time frame, but really I don't know when I officially 'stepped' on this path, if indeed I did step. There was no 'ahah' moment, no catapulting event, it's just who I am, and have always been in varying degrees.. This is what I can shed light on..

I am a Reiki Master and have journeyed the Reiki path for 17+ years, I also hold my Diploma in Reflexology. Your body is designed to heal itself. Everything about your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of being, is designed to always move back to it's natural state of being - balance, homeostasis, or harmony. This is a simple, yet powerful truth that is often overlooked. Reiki and Reflexology work beautifully as stand alone treatments, or in conjunction with eachother to support your body, mind, emotions and spirit in maintaining or reaching that balance or harmony. This is what I like to call resonance - our natural and original state of being.

I am also a qualified Quantum Consciousness Facilitator, and have a Diploma in Universal Consciousness. I am deeply passionate in supporting you to access your own wisdom and inner knowings to guide your journey through life's path. I know in every fibre of my being that you hold all the wisdom you need already within you. Often it's just finding a way to access or hear this wisdom that has us lost. These beautiful expanded states of awareness sessions are gateways for just that, and it is just a privilege and honour to be able to share them with you.

I am always and forever humbled and blessed by my clients who access these services. Each and every one gifts me with wisdom. learnings and experiences that shape who I am and in turn what I offer. Every part of my journey is co-created.

If I could have you know one thing, it is this - it's all about YOU, just as you are. You already are everything you seek, and I would love the opportunity to reflect that for you to see...

                  Nat xx