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Healing from surgery and other procedures...

Posted on 23 January, 2018 at 1:10 Comments comments (0)

An offering for your consideration, not a step by step instruction manual, more like themes for you to ponder and embody in your own way...... how do I prepare myself physically, mentally and emotionally for surgery and other major procedures?


Sometimes in our life, despite knowing all our bodies are communicating, despite making all the adjustments mentally, emotionally and physically in accordance to those same knowings, we reach a point of decision to make - do we intervene or don't we? I'm obviously not referring to emergency procedures here, I'm talking about the ones that have been coming for a while, the ones that we have been putting off and avoiding that are now screaming for attention... how do you make the decision? Well that is all about personal preference, choice and sometimes pain tolerance levels!


I feel drawn to share with you my own path recently that lead to a surgical procedure and how I reached that decision, prepared for it and healed ....


After 10+ years of problems with impacted wisdom teeth, it came to a point that a decision had to be made - not only were they causing me bouts of severe pain that took weeks to heal from, they were impacting the surrounding teeth which were causing follow on issues... but why? what were they trying to communicate to me?


That was the first step - using a Universal Consciousness session to transcend the pain, connect with my highest wisdom and hear the message that my teeth were trying to tell (scream) at me. Some past trauma was released (connected to my deep panic at the thought of a dentist!), the message was heard, and the understanding embodied that it was time for them to go...


Ok so the decision was made and the date set... luckily I had some time to make sure that I was in the best possible space I could be, ensuring that everything went as smoothly as possible...and luckily for me it did!


The first part for me was rising above my dentist panic attacks and moving into a place of trust and peace with the decision I had made. Every time I felt anxious I would tap back into my higher knowing that this was the right decision/path for me and that I was fully supported in all ways on this path. This brought me deep comfort as I knew this in every fibre of my being so the trusting came easily. Mind you, I still had to remind myself - ALOT! But it did become easier and less frequent...


I also kept visualising myself in an operating theatre surrounded by my spiritual support crew of Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters that I have an affinity with.... this helped me prepare that when the time came, I knew that they would already be there. When I actually got into the operating theatre, all I had to do then was a 2 second check in with what I had already put in place to know they had my back and I could give in to their support and let go of all fear and doubt - I knew I was taken care of...


In the same way, I also asked spiritually that everyone present had their Guides nice and close, ensuring that they were on their A game that day! On the actual day as I met with each nurse, doctor and the anastheasist, I mentally pictured their Guides standing close behind them... this also helped release any lingering fear....


A beautiful part to the preparation process was asking for healing vibrations of love and positivity from those around me - I'm lucky to have an amazing amount of love and support around me, and I was so grateful to feel the energy of that love fully supporting me through the procedure and beyond...


These three steps helped ensure that myself, everyone involved and the energy of the space itself were all at the highest potential of energy vibration, all leading to best possible outcomes!


To ensure that I was feeling my resonance going into the procedure - fully sitting in trust and peace as much as I possibly could, I spent the day before the operation spending time in my favourite natural setting amongst ancient forest, fully supporting myself to a place of harmony and inner flow, and when I felt myself feeling nervous, I took time out to tap back into that inner flow, stepping back into trust, into my highest knowing...


I also supported my body physically by taking herbs that would help me heal and prepare my body for what was to come, giving my physical self permission to release, to let go...


So that was my preparation....


Now for my recovery...


I woke from anasthesia in a bubble of the most beautiful violet I have ever seen and knew that everything had gone according to plan and that my spiritual and energetic support was in full swing! Gratitude. My first instinct was to give thanks for the support I knew was there and relax into it - I didn't have to fight or resist the pain - I knew that I could just hand it to them to take care of, and I did...


Don't get me wrong, I also took the strong pain killers given for the first few days - there's no prize for suffering! But you know what? I didn't really feel like I needed them and after 2 days some panadol here and there sufficed and my low level pain was easily managed...


I fully supported my body with herbs, ice packs, Reiki, Reflexology and good healing wholesome food (as well as creme brulee and mousse, which was more comforting to the emotions)... taking a salt bath when needed, soaking my feet when drawn to, resting when I was tired, not talking when I didn't want to.. you know, just listening to what you need and honouring it!


And guess what? My body communicated the gratitude felt... I had no bruising, minor swelling, low level pain and no complications... a week later I am eating mostly normal softish food, and only feel slight aching when I talk too much!




Why am I offering you my story?


In the hope that you can gain something from it for yourself or those around you....


In the hope that by my sharing it opens a doorway that you have not considered before.... healing is never just a physical job - there is so much more, more that has even been explored here, that goes into the healing process...


And in the end... what have you got to lose by considering your own health and support in a different way?


May you find your own path forward when faced with these type of scenarios and seek your own innate wisdom and support that is uniquely yours and right for you...


And if you would like to explore these themes but don't know where to start, or how, I'd love to support you!


Blessings and thanks for sharing my story, Nat <3

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Emotional Echo

Posted on 6 November, 2017 at 2:35 Comments comments (0)

Emotional Echo

Emotional Echoes are signals that our soul is trying to bring something to our attention. Everything has a message, and a lesson or purpose to embody. Our emotions, are one of the ways our soul or eternal consciousness communicates with us.

Beautiful Client (BC) was wanting some clarification on why she felt so self-conscious in group situations – always feeling like she was too quiet and not contributing, or too talkative and loud, communicating too much. There was a feeling for her of not knowing how to find a balance in these situations that was causing her some anxiety.

After relaxing into deep awareness, releasing the constraints of time and space and expanding into her higher self, BC became aware of a spark that represented her essence. She was shown a line of missed opportunities from not speaking her truth in each moment of group situations – whether it was a group class type setting, a family gathering or social situation. She came to understand that it didn’t matter how little or excessively she participated – what was important was that she was true to how she was feeling in that moment. Indeed, there would be people sometimes that would feel uncomfortable with her sharing – but there was a higher awareness offered that those moments too were important to raise awareness to a different way of thinking/perceiving.

The deeper message embodied for BC was that the only thing she needed to bring her energy to was being herself, in authenticity, in each moment, that was enough. She didn’t have to concern herself with how other people responded to that – that was their concern, not hers. Her presence in all of these situations and settings was important for the unique energy exchange she alone could offer, and receive.

BC deeply understood all of this and more about the perfect synergy in these settings, and how there is no coincidence to the people, places and timing of these exchanges.

There was an enormous, natural, release of the need to control and a beautiful understanding of her own wisdom, gifts and importance. BC definitely felt grateful, knowing she was enough, always had been, and will always be.

This is just one clients journey into the endless possibilities Universal Consciousness offers. Always we have the answers, the wisdom and the healing inside of us – to any questions or issue we hold – Universal Consciousness is one way to tap into that internal, eternal knowledge and retrieve a knowing that is innate and easily embodied.

If you would like to experience a Universal Consciousness Experience for yourself, visit , , or call 0425 784 938

So many blessings for your journey and wherever it leads you,

Nat x


Universal Consciousness - Body Echo

Posted on 26 October, 2017 at 22:20 Comments comments (0)

“Your body is a portal to all that you are…”

“This portal holds many vibrations that offer awareness, waiting to be remembered…”

“This frequency is simply a request for energy that yearns to be understood”

A beautiful client, who we will call BC, came for a Universal Consciousness Experience wanting to hear the deeper messages her physical pains were trying to convey. She had been experiencing hip pain that began around the same time she separated from her husband.

She relaxed into her expanded awareness through relaxation techniques and guided visualisations easily and from the perspective of her Higher Awareness we connected to the pain her body was experiencing in her right hip….

“Ahah” she said, becoming visibly emotional, “now I understand, I can’t believe I didn’t see it before”

She explained how she was instantly aware that her husband and herself were joined at the hip (energetically), but that she had grew (spiritually) faster than him and had caused the pain when she pulled away by separating.

She revealed the purpose of the pain was to alert her to the fact that they were meant to move forward in this life together.

There were more messages shared and a sense of gratitude felt for the awareness gained and sense of trust the messages offered.

This is BC"s personal journey to her own highest wisdom and guidance. All journeys are unique, powerful, and easily understood, always honouring the individual.

If you would like to connect to your own inner guidance and knowing through a Universal Consciousness Experience, explore all that is on offer to experience at book your own journey now!

Always there is a message to be heard, an understanding to be embodied and an experience to be explored...


Be Your own Guide

Posted on 31 July, 2016 at 3:25 Comments comments (0)

Welcome and Blessings,

Today I want to discuss the power of you. It is my greatest wish and purpose for you to not only understand, but to embody the knowledge and belief of your own personal power. 

We live in a society that conditions us to believe that we need to look for answers outside of ourself, that other people hold the wisdom we seek to make things 'better' 'teach' 'fix' what is not working. When we are sick we are conditioned to go to the doctor so he/she can tell us what is 'wrong' in our body and how to fix it. All this in a 5 minute consultation with no regard to you as a whole person at all. We are given pills to relieve symptoms, without any regard to healing the cause. At school we are told what to think, what to believe, and that there is something wrong with us if we don't fit into the mold they have decided is 'normal'. As adults we live in a society that values putting money first, with an almost contempt for personal needs, sould deep desires or spiritual fulfillment... how are they going to pay the bills?

All of these conditionings are designed to rob you of your power, to instill a belief system in your core that you are lacking. Lacking in knowledge and wisdom, lacking in healing ability, lacking in everything you need to live - so you must look for these things outside of yourself. Right? I don't think so. I don't believe so, and in fact I know it isn't so!

YOU are a child of the Universe. You are made from stardust! The energy that flows through you and around you is the same energy that flows through and around the entire Universe... How could you be anything BUT powerful, knowledgable, capable and self sufficient? Your body is designed to heal itself, it is far more miraculous than you could ever believe, your 'gut instinct' is an inbuilt compass to guide you, to communicate with you what is right for you and what isn't, what is truth and what is not for you, your mind works to analyse and come to conclusions - you don't need to be told what to believe or what is right from wrong - given the facts your mind works to develop it's own beliefs, hypothesis and opinions. These are your innate gifts, already built in.

Today what I want you to know, and offer for your consideration is this...

When you are seeking services of a psychic, healer, therapist, or teacher, they should not be 'fixing' you, or your problems. If they are offering to fix you or claim to have the answers to your problems, then, in my belief, they are not respecting you as a capable, powerful being. And you know that you are. When you find they are offering you insight, guidance, clarity and support - then you know they hold you in the highest regard as having all the tools necessary already built in for you to access for your highest potential.

Sometimes we all need help, and I encourage you to access all the support on your journey that you need. But that is exactly what it should be - support. A safe space to hear confirmtion of what you already know deep down, a healing environment to assist your body to heal itself, guidance to help you hear your own voice. Take what resonates and leave the rest behind.

Access services for what they are - to serve you and your purpose - and claim the innate power you have! 

Thank you for reading.

In so much love, Nat x

How to Ground Centre and Protect Energy

Posted on 14 June, 2016 at 6:40 Comments comments (0)

TAKE THE 5 DAY CHALLENGE!   Use one grounding, one centring and one protecting technique each day for 5 days, and learn first hand the power you have to take control of your energy....

Grounding, centering and protecting your energy field or auric field is one of the most powerful tools you can use, helping you feel together, in the present and free of unwanted influences. These methods are useful for everyone at all ages, and especially for empaths or those amongst us that are sensitive to the energies around them who often 'take on' others emotions, or feel overwhelmed in crowded environments where the energies are just too intense.

To GROUND your energy, there are different ways to choose from. It's all about connecting your energy with Mother Earth, after all, we are Human Beings having a physical experience. Consciously connecting with Earth's energy is a beautiful way of stabilising you auric field...

  • Take a quiet moment to visualise cords or vines wrapped around each ankle, reaching all the way down to the centre of the Earth, anchoring you energetically, but moveable with you wherever you go.

  • Stand outside on the grass or earth with bare feet and take some deep breaths, visualising your feet sinking into the earth below you, holding you and supporting you, bringing your awareness to the energy exchange between the Earth and yourself as you breath in and out.

  • Next time you feel a bit 'spacey' spend some time in grounding activities such as dancing, running, walking in nature, eating root vegetables, legumes and nuts...

To CENTRE your energy is the quickest way of bringing your awareness back to the present moment...

  • Bring your awareness to the centre of your being, wherever that feels right for you is fine. Hold your awareness in that space for a few moments and pay attention to what it actually feels like to be in that space. What sensations do you feel? What emotions are held there? How does your body feel physically from this space? You don't need to do anything about this information... it's all about awareness. Then, when ready, take a deep breath and release.

  • If you feel like you have taken on someone elses energy or the energy from a crowded environment, or that you have left your energy somewhere and am feeling drained, then take 3 deep breaths and command all energy that you are carrying that is not your own to return to it's source and all energy that is yours to be returned to you now. Sit in awareness of this exchange and conclude with gratitude.

To PROTECT your energy from negative environments or people you can...

  • Imagine yourself standing inside a light bulb, flick the switch and the light bulb fills with illuminating white light.

  • Take a quiet moment and focus on your breath. As you breathe in white light fills your body more and more with each breath until it fills your body completely, it then expands out of your body as you continue to breath in white light until it forms a cocoon of white light all around you.

  • Picture mirrors all around you facing outwards, protecting you from all negative/unwanted energies you come into contact with. All negativity simply reflects off the mirror back to it's source.

All of these techniques can be used any time you like, daily, or even multiple times a day. Experiment with different techniqus to find the ones that resonate with you. Why not take the 5 day challenge - using grounding, centering and protecting techniques at least once a day for 5 days straight and notice the difference. Don't forget to let us know what difference it made for you...

The Quantum Consciousness Experience

Posted on 23 May, 2016 at 0:45 Comments comments (1)

I am often asked what actually happens in a Quantum Consciousness Experience (QCE) session, so today I thought I would explain the process.

When you arrive for your QCE, you are welcomed into a safe space where we will spend some moments talking about Quantum Consciousness. In this time I will explain the Quantum Consciousness realms we will be expanding into throughout our hypnotic meditation journey together. There is also plenty of time for any questions you have to be answered and considered. We will also talk about any themes in your life that you would like to gain a higher understanding of, or issues you would like insight and healing with. You may want to use this experience to explore your Personal Universe out of curiosity. However you would like to set your intent is embraced. This is your Personal Universe we are expanding into. Your experience. You are 100% in the drivers seat.

With our intention set, it's now time to get comfortable and snuggled in the recliner, allowing your body to let go...and relax...Listening to my voice as you gently relax deeper and release all tension, worry, and stress. I read 'The Rememberance' as we activate the knowing of all you are in your subatomic particles. Stepping out of time and space, we now have access to all the 'You's' there has been, or will be..

As we expand through each realm of your Personal Universe, we call forward any aspect of yourself that has information and/or wisdom to share, or healing to offer in relation to the intent that was so lovingly set at the beginning. As each aspect steps forward, we also offer any wisdom and healing to them that you feel guided to, not only raising the vibration of this 'you' in this consciousness, but also for all aspects in all realms as a ripple effect.

The final stages of the realms before bringing the wisdom and healing gained back into this awareness, is to blend with your eternal consciousness before expanding into the fabric of the cosmos, deeply experiencing All There Is.

During this extremely personal and life changing experience you are Sacredly held in a space of nurturing, guidance, reverance and respect through all you encounter and experience. There is only acceptance and love.

As we integrate back to our present consciousness, you are gently grounded in energy with a full rememberance of all that has transpired.

We will spend some time remembering different aspects and their significance before you leave to absorb fully all you have experienced. A full recording of your session will be offered to you as a rememberance of how incredibly vast and powerful you really are.

Some feedback from clients...

"After experiencing the grandness of my Personal Universe I could never feel insignificant, powerless or small again..."

"Earlier this year I had a QC session with Nat. I was completely changed by the experience. The journey was gentle and slow. Time stood still. I continue to experience the changes in my being as a direct result of the QC session. Highly recommended x"

"That was the most amazing experience I have ever had. To connect with my eternal consciousness was absoloutely sublime. Words cannot describe the bliss I felt."

Causes of Disease

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There can be many causes of dis-ease, but first we need to look at health in general to gain an understanding of the mechanics of 'good health'.

Instead of looking at the pain or illness first, lets go back to basics and work our way forward. Every living thing is made up of energy, usually referred to as chi, prana, life force or Universal Energy. This energy flows through all living things and is what connects us all to each other and to source. Our bodies have Universal Energy flowing through them along pathways of meridians and chakras. This flow of energy is what keeps our bodies healthy, but there are many things that interefere with the natural flow of energy in our bodies – blocked emotions, a build up of toxins caused by digesting chemicals, physical trauma, emotional trauma, destructive emotions such as fear, anxiety, hate, self-pity and resentment - just to name a few, you get the drift, you know, living. When universal energy is impeded by any of these things, then there is a lack of vital life force in that particular area. This is where the body starts to feel pain, not function properly and show dis-ease, all to bring awareness to the real problem – the impeded flow of chi. Western medicine will treat the body's symptoms, but usually ignores the actual problem.

What's really interesting is that our entire body is designed for self healing, if we only listen to it. Many years ago I was completing Louise Hay's popular "You Can Heal Your Life' (HayHouse) workbook, and in the section on health it implied that there is a subconscious "pay off" to illness and injury. For me the pay off was that I got to take time out and spend a few days in bed. Subconsciously of course, dis-ease is not something we consciously choose. At this time I was getting around 4 colds/flus a year, plus whatever else was going around. I contemplated this new discovery I had made and made a deal with my body that I no longer needed to get 'sick' to rest when I needed to. Since then I very rarely get colds/flus or anything else, maybe every couple of years I'll get cold symptoms, and when I do, I know why.

I'll give you a recent example. Around 4 to 5 weeks ago I felt energetically tired. You know the feeling, it's more than lack of sleep or being too busy, it's that kind of tired that affects emotions, physicality, everything. This happens to us all at times, the so called 'running on empty'. I heard my self saying to my partner phrases like "I need some healing" "I'm so tired, I should go see such and such"(one of a group of Healers I call on when I need help). But did I listen to my own advice? Nope. Did I listen to my body's advice? No. Even though I was completely aware that my body, mind and emotions were all telling me I needed to slow down and nurture myself. 

I made a deal with my body to hold on to the following week and I would take a few days off. But, the following week approached and I had clients booked in fairly solidly. Yet again I ignored what I was being told. Honestly, being consciously aware of what was happening, I really should of known better, BUT, full swing through the week I was meant to be taking some down time in, I heard myself say to my husband "no wonder I used to have to get sick to take time off, I'm just so busy". Ummmm, says my body,,,,what did you say? I couldn't believe my own ears. That was all the permission I needed to physically to of course wake up the next day with a nose dripping like a tap and a sore throat.

Thankfully I also know that if I just rested like I needed, nurtured myself for the day, and the next day if I needed to (with the help of herbs and Reiki) that I would be fine, and I was the following day.

What was happening here is that energetically on a spiritual level I was feeling drained. Impeded spiritual energy flow. I then started feeling extra emotional, stressed and mentally drained. Impded emotional and mental energy flow. These were all signs telling me that I needed nurturing. If I had of paid attention to those warnings, I most likely would not have become physically ill. But I didn't. And then I even went one step further and gave my body permission... Hello cold!

This is just an example of how our bodies are trying to tell us things if we want to listen. The causes of dis-ease are many and mostly relate back to a spiritual/emotional/or mental reason. By addressing our health in a tri-fold of mind, body, spirit, we can keep our pathways open and chi flowing freely.


What IS Intuition?

Posted on 17 April, 2016 at 8:05 Comments comments (0)

We hear alot about using our intuition, listening to our 'gut feeling', paying attention to our 'inner voice' and heeding that inner warning..'I just knew it', but what is it that we are actually paying attention to?

Intuition is not a gift of the selected few - in fact EVERYbody has intuition. It comes in different forms and in different volumes, but I assure you it's there. It starts out as the slightest whisper, but just like a muscle, the more you use it or pay attention to it, the bigger or louder it gets.

Intuition is not something accessible only to those of a 'higher concsiousness' - aggghh please! I have witnessed psychics, healers and spiritual leaders of anything BUT a 'higher consciousness' utilise their intuition (some very accurately). Just because you use your intuition or psychic abilities does not mean you are 'highly evolved', the same can also be said in reverse, you may actually be quite 'evolved' and not ever consciously pay attention to your intuitive voice (although I bet you use it all the time subconsciously!)

We are multi layered beings encompassing our physical body, our mental and emotional body, and our spiritual body. When our physical body wants to communicate with us, we hear it is hunger/pain/tiredness/weakness etc. When our mental and emotional body wants to communicate with us we hear it as thoughts and feelings. When our spiritual body wants to communicate with us we hear it as intuition.

You can start to recognise your intuitive voice by paying attention to the types of phrases you catch yourself saying. Have you ever heard yourself saying types of phrases like this...

"I knew that was going to happen?"

"I should of listened to myself"

"I saw that coming a mile away"

"My gut says this is right"

"I can feel it in my bones"

We so often dismiss these types of phrases and reel them off without any attention, but they actually hold vital clues to how our intuition communicates with us. Start to pay attention to the frequency of these phrases you say, and what seems to be the type of phrase you say the most, and you will see how much stronger that little intuitive whisper becomes.

You have the answers within you, you just have to learn to hear them!



Posted on 12 October, 2015 at 18:25 Comments comments (0)

Welcome to my first blog! I couldn't think of a more perfect first entry than to introduce you to alot of my inspiration. Frequently, what I do  feels guided by Spirit. Not as an external source, but as an internal reminder of what I already know. We already have all the knowledge and wisdom we need INSIDE us, Guides just help us recognise what is already there...

I feel guided today to share and introduce you all to one of my Spirit Guides, so here he is! This is my dearest Suki. Suki is Aztec, and guides my intuition and psychic self (amongst other things), and today he is drawing me to post on this page about grounding. So I will.

Grounding is a useful tool to feel fully present in our bodies, connected to the here and now. There are many ways to 'ground' or 'earth', but today I want to share just one.

When you are feeling 'disconnected ' 'off balance' 'spacey' or 'not with it', take a moment to take a deep breath and bring your awareness to a space INSIDE your body... maybe your stomach..or solar plexus... your feet...anywhere. .just bring your awareness to that space inside of you and take a few moments to really connect to what it feels like to be in this space. Is there physical discomfort? Tension? Any sensation at all? What does it feel like to be in this body? You can even move to different spaces inside your body and do the same.

This helps your energy ground and your awareness shift to the present...

With love, Nat ♡