Inner Flow Holistic Services

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When we live a life intimately connected to our own authenticity and in alignment with our highest good, we begin to sense the ease and effortlessness of being. Life doesn't change around you - you simply align as you step into your power and your highest knowing.

This is an 8 week journey of self immersion offering connection, awareness and understanding at the deepest levels. Open to all who feel the call, regardless of where you believe you are on your path ♥

Explore who you really are without conditioning, as a vibrational energetic BEing, as part of a higher awareness, connected to the Universe itself.
Gain practical, easy to embody guidance and offerings on living your most authentic life.

Each week includes sharing and exploring, including fun activities highlighting the awareness of self in different ways, transcending limitations and connecting with our highest knowing.

Why is self connection so important?

In all my years working as a Natural Therapist, there is one common, very powerful theme that has permeated all areas of health and discontent that I've witnessed - and that is disconnection. It is from disconnection that we feel unrest, stress, anxiety, depression. It is from disconnection to our self that dis-ease arises from, why we have a lack of energy, why we feel imbalanced. Sure there are individual factors that come into play for everything - but it is a disconnection from self that is at the foundation.

So very simply, when I contemplate what is the most powerful healing tool I can offer you, the answer becomes so simple - A WAY TO OFFER YOU A CONNECTION TO SELF

Through this, I know you will gain all that you are ready for....

This could be a pathway to healing...

This could be a pathway to finding your purpose...

This could be a pathway to transcending and releasing all that no longer serves you..

This could be a pathway to a homecoming like no other..

This 8 weeks is an offering... how deeply you dive into yourself will be up to you - you will be guided, supported and respected each step of the way - no expectations - simply doorways <3

Topics include:

Releasing the conditioning that binds us
Conscious awareness of the roles we play
Our Higher awareness
Past/Other lives
The Remembering of who we are
Free will and the choices we make
Living authentically in alignment with who you are
and so much more that can be conveyed in words...

Are you ready to align yourself with your most authentic path?

Starting Thursday mornings from April 26th 9.30 - 11.30am

Pay in full before April 16th $180 - click the buy now button to your right


$50 deposit and $20 payable weekly ($210)

All materials provided

I have experienced first hand through Consciousness exploration the magnificent reality of who I really am, and facilitated many other's journeys through this homecomming as well. It is my passion to offer the space of awakening to all those who know they are so much more, and this 8 week connection to self course is an extension of all I have remembered and witnessed others remembering along the way... You really are so much more than you have ever been taught to believe...And I would love the opportunity to share the journey of expansion with you if you feel called ♥